Windy Cove Values

We founded Windy Cove Energy II, LLC to develop oil recovery projects in the U.S. We channel our talents and experience to create these projects because the oil and gas business is profitable, personally challenging and beneficial to the economy. Implementation of horizontal drilling delivers lower energy costs to consumers, makes the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil, creates jobs and helps power the economy. We are gratified for the opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

We prize integrity, respect, communication, teamwork and value creation. We embrace these qualities to constructively manage conflicts that inevitably arise in a dynamic, fast-paced and challenging environment, and in so doing, positively influence our business topography.
The oil and gas business fascinates us. Success requires the application of a unique combination of technical, operational and business excellence. As such, we are students of our business. We seek to understand all its aspects so that we constantly improve. To that end, we collect and analyze data, employing metrics to guide our decisions and maintain fiscal controls.

We responsibly manage our stakeholder relationships. For our co-investors we treat their money as our own and strive to provide them with solid financial returns. For our employees we provide a safe, good-quality work environment and pay commensurate with each person’s contribution to our success. We regard our contractors and customers as partners in our success and treat them accordingly. For mineral interest, royalty interest and land owners we develop the properties in a responsible manner. Finally, for the greater community we work to make our presence a blessing to them.